Comedy Quest Walkthrough

After a brief homage to the great Monkey Island. You will begin the first part.

Part 1 Open Mic Night.

Walk to the bathroom.

After Ken leaves Look at the toilet he just came from.

Pick up the Drink Voucher.

Get your Note book from the inventory.

Click on the urinal cake and the graffiti above the sink top left.

Leave the bathroom.

Talk to Ken and keep talking to him until he tells you to bring 10 people.

End the conversation and use your notebook on the bartender.

Leave the bar to the right.

Use Drink voucher on hobo out the front.

Once he enters the bar use your note book on the The Pit Sign.

Return to the bar.

Talk to Ken again and he will let you backstage for the show to start.

Go backstage.

After Ken gives the line up leave backstage and return to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom use the bathroom.

After you have had a nervous vomit return back stage for the first gig to begin.

Once the MC leaves the stage you will have a chance to perform a killer set.
Having all four jokes do well will give you bonus points.
Anything  from your note book will always do well whereas anything under will be 1 in 3 success rate.

For full score only do jokes from the notebook.

After the gig leave the bar and use the taxi out the front to leave.

As soon as the Kid yells "Run!" make your way as fast as you can to the door of the red house.
It doesn't matter if you get run over. You can not die in comedy quest.

Once in your apartment walk to the fridge door and open and look inside.

Take the cat food.

Use cat food on bowl or the cat.

Now use the computer and send email to Ken.

Log out of the computer

and now go to sleep on bed.

After the dream sequence.

Return to the computer and read reply from Ken.

Part 2 Electric Boogaloo

To get full score you need to hand out 25 flyers. Otherwise you can just put them in the bin but you would miss out 50 points. The quickest way to do this is turn the game speed up in the options and keep using your flyers from the inventory on people walking past till they are all gone.

Once all the flyers are gone head into the HaHA Lounge by clicking on the door.

Talk to the girl and tell her you are here to perform.

You can either plead to be let on and eventually she will let you on.

or you could leave  the ticket booth and go the right side of the HaHa enterance.

In front of the bin pick up the old smelly beard.

Go to your inventory and use your notebook on the beard.

Use your notebook on the smart cola billboard on the top left.

Use beard on the kid to put beard on.

Return to the ticket booth.

Use notebook on big glasses on the door.

Talk to ticket girl and she will let you in.

Once inside use notebook on the bearded audience.

Then make your way to the back stage area on the right.

After ken tells you he won't let you on.

Talk to the comic in the red shirt on the right and ask him if he is on.

He will tell Ken to put you on.

Talk to Ken to start the spot.

Once again using all four joked from your note book will give you full score.

After a small chat with MC you will be invited to have a few drinks with the comics.

"I have always been a big fan of Keaton."  or " For my money no one is a better Batman than Adam West." will give you 5 points. As will any original Star Wars title.

You can bag out Totes LOL but it may turn you into a Comedy Bitch for the final gig.

After talking to the ghost of George Carlin you will wake up in your apartment.

Use your computer to ask your parents for rent money.

Part 3 Killing it.

Head into Minx club by the black door and head down the stairs.

Go straight to the bathroom.

After the talk with the toilet guy.

Go to the back of the bathroom and click on the bricks to find the Easter egg.

Use your note book on the stencil art on the bathroom stall.

Leave bathroom

Look at the ATM and pick up the ten dollars.

Walk to the right to the bar.

Wait for the bartender to walk to the right then pick up a cup from the stack on the left side of the bar.

Return to the right and head up the stairs.

Talk to the kids. After they tell you to "Go Bang a donkey!"

Use your notebook on the kid.

Head into the Convenient Store.

After the dialogue with the robber.
Choose "That's not a gun it's your finger" or "Come on man I just want some Slush."
then "Come on is any of this really worth it?" to survive the robbery.

Use your empty cup on the slush machine.

Use your note book on slush machine and guy bottom middle looking at porn magazines.

Return to the bathroom.

Give the toilet guy the cup of slush and he will give his spare ticket.

Now leave the bathroom and return to the bar.

The Bartender will ask you for a bag of ice so return back up the stairs and back to the Convenient Store.

Talk to the clerk and he will ring the police on the kids out the front.

Leave the Convenient the store and pick up a bag of ice from the freezer out the front.

(you can return to the Convenient store and pay for it for max points or not pay for a slightly altered end game)

Return to the bartender and  give her some ice.

Go to the left side of the screen.

Talk to the hobo again.

choose the following "Are you here for the show?" then "You should stay and see the show." and finally "Just stay and gets the cans after."

After the hobo leaves return to the bar to start the final gig.

For Max score only choose material at the top.

When you are heckled about your cat. Ask the heckler to repeat what he said.

Finish the cat joke and get a killer set.

When asked if you want a career in radio choose that you want to stick to standup for top score.

Enjoy the ending and if you got all 360 points you get my official thumbs up.

Thanks for playing Comedy Quest I appreciate it.


  1. I can't ask parents for money. As soon as I end up in the apartment I go to the computer with the hand and it's not even an option. Help!

  2. It only becomes an option after the Landlord has asked for Rent. It's been known to glitch before. I'll look into it and try and find out why it's not showing up. Sorry about this.

  3. It's alright. I thought I did something wrong so I tried it a second time and it happened again so that got me wondering if it was a glitch or something.

  4. I think the problem is fixed now with this new update.

  5. Can you ever get anything better than up and comer?

  6. I think Up and comer was the best on par with solid. Hack was the lowest. This was just based on your three gigs and was a satire about the judgmental nature of doing standup.

  7. One thing, in the text, 'continuum' is mis-spelled 'continum'

    1. ah! I'll fix it now thanks. Also thanks for playing my game.